Scholars from AUN’s School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) have begun a new academic project, “Almajiri Visual Story.” The Almajiri Visual Story is a tell-it-themselves approach to the Almajiri narrative in Adamawa that is being spearheaded by President Ensign and Dr. Jacob Jacob, the interim Associate Dean of SAS.

The idea behind this project is to be able to tell the Almajiri boys’ stories from their point of view through pictures. “Photographers and journalists have visited them, had interviews, and written from their own understanding. It is about time we let the Almajiris tell it themselves,” said Jacob, who leads the team.

To understand their daily activities and encounters, donated flash cameras are used by selected Feed and Read participants, aged between six and 17 years.

On June 24, Dr. Jacob and Photojournalist and Instructor Danielle Villasana,  held a short tutorial session teaching them how to use the flash cameras to capture interesting moments in their lives. Thirty-five studentswere given the cameras and Mr. Umar, a coordinator for the boys’ program, helped translate to Fulfulde.

To learn more about AUN’s efforts to help Almajiri boys in Yola check out the page for the Feed and Read program or check out the original article by Danielle Akuago on the Peace Journalist Network or in AUNThisWeek.

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