On October 11, students of AUN Academy (Elementary) School visited the Recycling Center. They were received by Ms. Jennifer Che, Manager of Sustainability Outreach Programs, who introduced members of the sustainability and waste management team,“They make sure our school is free from waste.”

The students saw the compartment where waste is heaped before it is sorted and  Mr. Matthew Abedoh, Waste Manager, took them round the various compartments where the waste is kept. The waste is categorized based on its physical properties into plastic, paper, aluminum, and tins.

The school children also participated in some of the recycling activities in groups, such as washing of the recycled nylon bags, making eco-bricks using sand, as well as using waste paper to make eco-briquettes.

“It’s a followup to what they have been taught in class,” said Mr. Remi Oseni, one of the Grade 4 teachers who led the students.

The teacher said the students were taught about refuse, its disposal, and recycling. He said when they were told that waste can be used to make products that can be sold, they were all inquisitive, wondering how waste can be turned into money.

“Even though we gave them examples in the cla ss, we felt that they should see how waste can be recycled. We wanted them to see that waste, even though it is called waste, is not really a waste. You can make good use of it–like making money out of it.

Mr. Oseni added that the field experience is an added benefit in reinforcement of learning, especially for those students who are kinesthetic learners.

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