Mr. Olurotimi James Ogundijo from the AUN Office of Sustainability spoke at a roundtable, workshop, and art exhibition whose theme was “One Environment.” The event was organized by One Environment, an environmental art collection foundation.

The event attracted many from the recycling business, environmental activism, arts, government, and foreign missions, including retiring U.S. Ambassador James Entwistle, Deputy Head of Delegation Richard Young, and the European Union Ambassador to Nigeria Michel Arrion.

Ogundijo gave a talk on “Sustainability: Food Security, Growing Local.” He explained that food insecurity stressed the need for farmers and agricultural policy-makers to embrace environmentally conscious farming, which involves a wide range of activities such as guided cattle grazing, reduced use of chemical fertilizers, increased use of organic manure (compost), agroforestry, use of light machinery for tillage in order to keep the soil structure intact, and soil water retention techniques.

Ogundijo went on to cite the work of AUN with farmers in the Bole neighboring community in Yola, and the success stories that have been recorded there.

To learn more about these efforts, read our update on AUN’s delivery of seeds to local farmers and check out the original article in AUNThisWeek by Solomon Elusoji.

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