On October 14, the Office of Community Service resumed its literacy program and 40 community women attended the first day of class.

The literacy program, which has been moved from AUN campus, now takes place at Bako Primary School in Yola Town.

Assistant Director of Community Service, Ahmed Aliyu, said that the literacy program was paused a bit due to the insurgency. He noted that since the insurgency has been curbed, the program has kicked off again with 172 women registered at the vocational center.

The entrepreneurial and literacy program aims to encourage the women to learn financial independence.

A 32-year-old mother of six and beneficiary of the Creating with Thread project, Hadiza Usman, said that her English has improved since she joined the program. And she has been able to support her family through the stipends generated from the project.

“Through this program, I have been able to move my children from public school to private school, send money to my brother to buy handouts in the university. My husband is very happy since he sees the benefits.”

Mrs. Usman has been going around the community to invite women to join the program.

Another beneficiary, Mrs. Aisha Hassan, said that the AUN vocational training program opened more doors for her. She is currently a trainer for the UNHCR and she has been posted to train other women in Mubi Local Government Area.

Law student Christine Vihishima, who served as an instructor, noted that the experience was very humbling. “Seeing women who are old enough to be my mother or grandmother sit in the classroom makes me feel lucky to have gained education quite early. Actually, this is why AUN is doing such a program, for us to see that there are problems in life that need to be solved.”

Besides the literacy program, the women will also gain vocational training in sewing, soap, beads, and bag making. At the end of the program, there will be a financial literacy training to teach the women wealth sustainability.

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