FAO: Over four million Nigerians hungry, malnourished

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) says over four million Nigerians go hungry and suffer from malnutrition due to insecurity and environmental factors.

Conflict, pests and diseases, natural disasters, loss of biodiversity, economic challenges, habitat destruction, and devastating effects of COVID-19 are the causes according to FAO.

FAO Representative to Nigeria, Fred Kafeero, made this known at the ministerial press briefing to mark the 2021 World Food Day.

Mr Kafeero called for targeted interventions on research and development to make farming more technology advanced, innovative in digital agriculture, and re-skilling young people and improving literacy rates among women.

According to him, there are also other essential elements such as better data, governance and institutions that need to be added to the equation.

The national president of All Farmers Association Of Nigeria(AFAN), Kabir İbrahim, believes that insecurity and the dwindling value of the naira were contributing factors.


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