There are more than 10 million out-of-school children in Nigeria. Most of them are in the North and most of them are girls. Help AUN give some of these vulnerable girls education and the support they need to empower them to reach the bright futures they deserve.

The Feed and Read project, launched in May 2015, addresses the severe disruption in the formal education of displaced, orphaned, and Almajiri (religious school) children, starting at a very basic level.

The program currently serves an average of 120 students, and as many as 195 youths per day and is proving to be a successful tool in helping to improve academic performance. The long-term goal of Feed and Read is to reduce the number of vulnerable children suffering on the streets of Yola by providing nourishment, basic education, skills training, as well as shelter.

Feed and Read for Girls is tailored to meet the needs of young girls and women, who have a critical role to play in the recovery of the northeast and development of the country. AUN’s goal is to provide English and math classes, housing, and one meal per day to 500 girls and young women and by 2019, to serve 2,000 children.

Nigerian girls, who otherwise have little or no hope for a better future, deserve a stable school setting that gives them hope for the future and an opportunity to find employment to provide for their families. Empowering and educating girls will help them, their families, their communities and will help to bring long-term stability to the region. Better yet, Feed and Read for Girls is scalable and can be expanded in Yola and to other parts of Nigeria.