Miss AUN and founder of Put A Child in School Foundation (PACIS), Vivian Amah, awarded scholarships to three deserving students on September 30.

The students, who were formerly in the public school Rumde-Jabbi Primary School will continue their education at Adroit International Academy, a private school in Yola Town.

With the support of AUN student volunteers and the PACIS faculty advisor, Dr. Agatha Ukata, AUN issued certificates to the scholarship recipients and the Head Teacher of the Rumde Jabbi School, Dahiru Chiroma, for active participation in the Foundation’s education initiative.

The scholarship covers the children’s tuition for the remaining four years of primary school. Ms. Amah said PACIS may continue to support them through secondary school based on their performance.

The three students were selected based on a merit scholarship test in June. Ms. Amah stressed that the children would have access to quality education in the private school.

The overjoyed headteacher commented that if many Nigerians had the zeal to help like PACIS, there would be fewer out-of-school children in the streets. He thanked the Foundation and AUN for supporting public schools.

One of the scholarship recipients and an Almajiri, 15-year-old Adamu Alhamdu, spoke in Hausa, saying, “I didn’t expect this to happen to me; I like this new school environment. Thank you, aunties and uncles.”

Earlier in June this year, the reigning Miss AUN spent her birthday with students in Rumde Jabbi School, showering them with gifts.

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